Acharya Jagdish Tiwari Acharya Jagdish Tiwari stands among those astrologers of today who respect their religion, culture, tradition and custom. Born on August 30’1951 in the holy city of Mathura (Janmabhumi of lord Krishna), 

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Lakshmi Pooja

Lakshmi is the goddess of light, beauty, good fortune and wealth. While Laxmi is generally worshiped to achieve success, she does not reside long with anyone who is lazy or desire her only as wealth. 
Lakshmi Pooja is conducted to invite the Goddess of wealth to your home! She blesses you with good fortunes and riches. She paves way for success in all your accomplishments and bestows you with material gains and luxuries.

Poojas and Archanas to Goddess Lakshmi bring in the element of luck for you and your family!

She is said to be the daughter of sage Bhrigu who took refuge in the Ocean of Milk and emerged during the churning of the Ocean by gods and demons.

Recommended Timings for Lakshmi Pooja

This can be done on Fridays, and auspicious days like Panchami and Ekadashi Tithis.

  • Chamatkarik Dhanprapti Mahamantra
  • Rahasyamayi Poojan Vidhi

Pooja Package  Lakshmi Pooja

Pooja For Wealth and Prosperity Price: INR 1100
Six Month Pooja For Wealth Price: INR 5100
Year Long Pooja For Wealth Price: INR 21000

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