Acharya Jagdish Tiwari Acharya Jagdish Tiwari stands among those astrologers of today who respect their religion, culture, tradition and custom. Born on August 30’1951 in the holy city of Mathura (Janmabhumi of lord Krishna), 

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Kalsarp Yog


When all the prime planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Moon) are placed between Rahu & Ketu in the kundali (Natal Chart) is said to have the Kalsarpa Yoga. This yoga is considered harmful by some astrologers. According to this theory all these planets then come under the influence of Rahu and Ketu, and the person sees a



Pitra Dosh


The ninth house is the house of fortune in the birth chart. This house has great importance because this house is also known as the house of father and manes. If Sun and Rahu form conjunction in this house then Pitra Dosha is formed in the birth chart. As per Vedic scriptures, auspiciousness of that house will be removed where Sun and Rahu are placed together.



Lakshmi Pooja

laxmipujaLakshmi is the goddess of light, beauty, good fortune and wealth. While Laxmi is generally worshiped to achieve success, she does not reside long with anyone who is lazy or desire her only as wealth.
Lakshmi Pooja is conducted to invite the Goddess of wealth to your home! She blesses you with good fortunes and riches. She paves way for success in...



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Daily Panchang

Samwat - 2069
Shake - 1934
Ayan - Surya Uttarayan
Maas - Kartika (Shukla Paksh)
Tithi - Pratipada
Vaar - Friday
Nakshatra - Swati
Yog -
Karan -
Chandrama - Tula
Rahukaal -
10.30 till 12.00
Yamghantkaal - 15.00 till 16.30

Date - 24.10.14


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